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Our Coaches

Coaches At Cold Storage Crossfit

Christi Enfantino

Hi! My name is Christi Enfantino and I am the owner of Cold Storage CrossFit.  I was introduced to CrossFit in the summer of 2008 at point in my life where I was in dire need of a lifestyle change.  I had struggled with weight loss most of my adult life.  After finding CrossFit I learned a more realistic and natural understanding to what real fitness is and how to obtain it. I am truly blessed to have had the opportunity to open our gym and share with our community how every person from young, old, fit or unhealthy should be reaching their genetic human potential.    I couldn’t possibly do this alone without the support of our talented team of coaches.   Our coaching team is always continuing their education in fitness and nutrition; we share our knowledge with each other so that we can continue to improve and enhance the experience of our members.   I am confident that we can help you.  Let me rephrase that:  I know without a shadow of doubt that our program will be the stepping stone you need to gain a better understanding of who you are, how to exercise, how to get healthy and most importantly how to stay that way!  My strongest desire is that when you decide to take the brave first step into Cold Storage CrossFit you will understand why our program is the answer you have been searching for, and that you will revel in the power you have to be the healthiest and most vibrant person you can be.

Tyler Begiebing

Tyler, as a high school football and baseball player, was trained in isolation training and Olympic weightlifting like most high school athletes train. Then in college football, following the same training regimen, he suffered an injury to his neck ending his football career.

In 2008, once healed, Tyler was invited to start training differently. His brother, Austin, had opened a CrossFit Gym in Milpitas in 2007 and had quickly gained the respect of the CrossFit community training CrossFit Games Champion Jason Khalipa and being selected by CrossFit Headquarters as seminar instructor. Needless to say he was exposed to some of the best mentors CrossFit has to offer.

Initially, Tyler enjoyed the intensity of the workouts providing a great outlet physically and emotionally. But within a couple of months, it was clear to Tyler that there was no more complete training program available. He learned that the isolation training he had always known did not physiologically makes sense. As a result, his growth and improvement were constant and he was inspired to keep learning more.

In 2008, Tyler got certified as a coach. His motivation was to become more embedded in the CrossFit community and get more access to all it has to offer. “The amount of fitness expertise available is incredible and it spans over many disciplines” states Tyler.

Today, Tyler is devoted to providing athletes a complete wellness program. He believes in moving with intention to avoid injury and make living more efficient. He believes in eating real food. He is extremely attentive and observant to the individual and personalizing their program for continual progress.

Cold Storage CrossFit is very fortunate to have Tyler Begiebing to tend to the wellness needs of Hollister.

Shayna Crawford

Shayna  is a wife and stay at home mother of two young children.  Prior to Cold Storage CrossFit Shayna didn’t see any positive changes with other fitness regimens or workout programs.

In 2015 Shayna, who had heard and read about CrossFit for several years, finally decided to take that first step and complete an Intro Class at Cold Storage CrossFit . Shayna was intimidated at first but with CrossFit’s ability to modify and scale any workout to fit your fitness level she was able to overcome her fears. Shayna fell in love with CrossFit’s variety and fuctional movements. She also felt empowered by CrossFit’s Olympic and power lifting component. Shayna decided to take the CrossFit Level 1 trainers course and has made herself a priority fitting in 3-5 classes per week into her busy mom schedule.

Through CrossFit, Shayna began to learn that nutrition was the foundation for athletic performance and overall wellness. Shayna began to do her own research on a healthy clean eating lifestyle and began incorporating the new lifestyle with herself and her family. Shayna immediately began reaping the benefits as she began losing weight, gaining muscle and overall feeling more fit.


 Antioco Hidalgo

Introduced to CrossFit in 2012 as a high school student.  Antioco didn’t fit in well with school sports and didn’t know how to begin strength and conditioning on his own.  His parents brought him along to a class at Cold Storage CrossFit and according to Antioco ” I was immediately attracted to the atmosphere, the challenge and the community”.  It has changed his life in so many ways because for him it was never just a new way to workout, it was a new way of life.  With loyalty and dedication to our program he went from the skinniest, weakest guy in class to the an overall incredibly  and highly skilled athlete.  Antioco is passionate about helping people become fitter, faster and stronger.