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Getting Started

It's easy to get started with us at Cold Storage Crossfit!

Getting Started At Cold Storage CrossFit



Simply choose your experience level and come in for your free trial

*Participants under the age of 18 will need a parents signature on the liability waiver before they may participate.

New To CrossFit

Getting started is easy at Cold Storage CrossFit.  If you’re feeling a bit unsure – don’t worry, you’re not alone.  Contrary to what you might believe, upon beginning your fitness journey with CrossFit you’ll find the experience to blow past your body’s self imposed limits and began to build  strength and confidence.  And that’s a great feeling.   Anyone who is new to CrossFit will begin with a FREE Intro Class.  The purpose of this class is to get to know you and your unique goals.  And to show you what starting your journey with Cold Storage can be like.

During your FREE Intro Classs you will receive:

*Explanation of what we do in CrossFit and the method behind our madness

*Tour of our facility

*A dynamic warm up to stretch you out and prepare you to move

*You’ll learn a few of our fundamental movements and finish with a short, fun workout!

Upon completion of your Intro Class you may take advantage of our Free Week Trial or receive $20 off your first month should  you decide to sign up the day of your Intro Class.

To start: Simply message us here to set up a FREE Private Intro Class or check our social media pages for dates we offer FREE Group Intro Classes on Saturday mornings.



Experienced athletes who are new to Cold Storage can come and try a class for FREE to see if it’s the right fit for you. (And we know it is.)

Let us show you what makes Cold Storage CrossFit the industry leader in our community:

*We have a flexible schedule of 30 CrossFit class times per week to choose from making it more convenient to attend classes

*We are the longest established CrossFit facility in the area with more years of CrossFit coaching experience than any other gym in the area

*Our expanded 6,300 square foot facility offers an array of diverse equipment to meet any fitness level, filtered drinking water, lounge area available fo kids to wait for parents (unsupervised), free Wifi access, bathrooms with room for private changing area.

*We offer a free WOD tracking app to assist our members in logging and tracking their workouts

*We offer various other programs throughout the year from Nutrition Workshops, Fitness Challenges, Barbell Club, Gymnastics Workshops, etc

*Our fitness community is second to none.  No matter when you started or how long you’ve been here our members embrace the challenges and victories together all the same.

* And so much more!

To start:  For experienced CrossFitters no Intro Class is required, simply message us here (or call the number above) to let us know which day/time you’d like to come in and try a free class. We look forward to meeting you!