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What Our Members Are Saying

I first started my journey at Cold Storage CrossFit on June 23rd 2014.  I was weighing in at 279 lbs. I remember my intro class and having to stop because it was difficult.  But once I was I finished the intro class and I was even more aware how much I let myself get so out of shape. I was nervous to start because I didn’t know anybody. My first few classes were a little of intimidating because I couldn’t do the work outs that everyone else was doing or lift the weight that everybody else was (even the girls) but everybody was very supportive and kept motivating me to keep trying. After about 2 weeks of CrossFit I was addicted.  I really liked the coaches and the community inside the gym. I’ve been in CrossFit now about 7 months and I’m down 53 lbs about 20lbs away from my goal weight! I couldn’t thank the coaches at Cold Storage Crossfit enough for how much they have helped me get to where I’m at.

Nico pic 1                                           Nico pic 2

If you’re thinking about trying Cold Storage CrossFit give it a chance because once you try it you’ll always look forward to your workout just like me.


~ Nico D.



“Coaches provide all the tools necessary to succeed.  The ambiance is one of competitive support and encouraging results!

CAUTION: Training at Cold Storage CrossFit can lead to a happier and healthier you.  In some cases it has proven to be highly addicting”

~ Eddie S.



“I’ve always worked out but was never happy with my results.  Then a year ago it all changed.  I am so much stronger and doing things I thought I’d never do.  I am pretty sure I am one of the oldest here but I feel 20 years younger all due to Cold Storage CrossFit.  Thank you to all the coaches”

~ Marylou O.


“I joined Cold Storage Crossfit on Halloween 2013 and since then have grown a lot during this CrossFit journey through the skilled coaches (Tyler, Antioco and Christi) and supportive and encouraging community.  Some movements I thought I would never achieve, like double unders, I began to get.  I have so much more to learn and will always be striving for better technique, fitness and strength.  My main sport is outrigger canoe paddling and I have used CrossFit to grow stronger in the core and increase my endurance thru the relatively short but intense sessions.  This year I achieved the height of my sport (an endurance paddle relay of 44 miles from Molokai to Oahu) and am in the greatest fitness level ever at the age of 46!

013ac5e48cdbaeabaa345c3bc79cf175dd1f1b3ab2 Recently I had to move to another town because of work and joined a Box at that location. Giving me some comparison since before now all I knew was Cold Storage CrossFit. I have to say — Cold Storage CrossFit is a gem, the facilities are amazing and well organized and equipped; the WODs are creative and also traditional; the coaches are always watchful and helpful in critiquing technique; community has a culture of friendliness, motivating one another and also a selflessness — like when you are first to the stretch bands for example, no one just gets one for themselves, they hand out one for everyone — and vice versa when putting something away.   I have found that this isn’t the case everywhere.  Cold Storage CrossFit got me hooked on this lifestyle of fitness — that really becomes a part of you”

~ Nise


“I love this “box”!!!  Your nervous walking in and feel accomplished walking out.  Physically and mentally challenging and the camaraderie and sense of community here always push you to do your best.  The workouts are constantly varied, fun, and can all be scaled to your own fitness levels.   Each day’s programming seems to compliment the workout from the day before as well as the workout planned for the next day.  You will feel and see the progress that comes from great coaches experienced in planning and  programming.   It is the best workout you can get in one hour at the best CrossFit in Hollister.”

~ Jacqueline F.


“Coaches know their stuff and want to help you succeed, yet take the extra precaution.



Truly feels like family here.  I’m thankful I found this place!”

~ Jenny A.






“Cold Storage CrossFit is THE BEST GYM I have ever experienced. Talie I am currently an active member and I can’t say enough good things.  If you have ever heard negative opinions of CrossFit lay them to rest here!  This location (which let’s faces it, not are locations are equal) has a GREAT atmosphere, knowledgeable staff who are educated and REALLY focus on each individual to help you accomplish the task in a SAFE, STRENGTHEING manner.  Proper form cannot be stressed enough at our gym.  And every exercise can be scaled to fit your needs and abilities!  That doesn’t mean it’s easy though, lol; it just makes it doable while still challenging you until you are able to do it full throttle.  And trust me, you WILL get there, you WILL reach your goals and feel fit, stronger and more athletically balanced than you’ve ever been.  Just sign up, show up and put in the effort.  The plan out every detail of your workout, teach you and help guide you along the way.  You won’t regret it, I promise! I’m addicted, lol”

~ Talie Skarda


“Warning! They will first lure you to attend the Intro Class. Then they throw in one week free.

Next thing you know, you couch is starting to miss you…” Dennis

~ Dennis Sta Maria


“This place is awesome. I’m officially addicted. It’s competitive, fun, scaled to your fitness level and the people here are great.  I will never work out at a typical gym again (you’re wasting your money). Damon You’ll by physically challenged here from day one and it’s a chance to get in the best shape of your life.  You will get better every day.  I appreciate that it’s not all 20-somethings here.  All ages and fitness levels.

Christi is a dedicated business owner.  She continually updates the equipment and makes sure everyone is improving.

And she keeps it fun!”

~ Damon B.


“What can I say….I’m HOOKED. Joined in July 2011Lupe and has been nothing but good ever since.  The staff is awesome, great facilities and an awesome sense of community.  I have been fortunate enough to meet new people from many walks of life and we all reap the benefits of CrossFit together.  CrossFit til I die!”

~ Lupe D.


“Cold Storage CrossFit has completely revamped my idea of what a good workout is. I decided to join a month ago to build my strength up before returning to school, and I wish I had joined sooner. I was completely clueless to what CrossFit was coming into it, and thanks to Cold Storage CrossFit, I am now addicted. The instructors do such an awesome job at helping you understand and learn movements in a way that is suited for your abilities, and you never feel as if you can’t do something. The quality that really made my experience so incredible was the family like atmosphere they have there. I was intimidated to try something new, and in the past at gyms everything felt like a competition with everyone else. But since my first class the other members were nothing but welcoming and encouraging to me as a newcomer.

Hannah   Every workout of the day felt like a team effort whether it was a partner exercise or not. Cold Storage CrossFit is more than just a mundane workout; it is a high energy, fun, challenging way to get in the best shape of your life. I have officially been converted, thank you Christi and the Cold Storage Family for adopting me for a month, I hope to be back in the summer, and again.”

~Hannah C.