320 Hillcrest Rd. Suite 104, Hollister CA 95023
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Why Choose Cold Storage CrossFit?

We are industry leaders in this community and we take this responsibility seriously and with the utmost respect. Affiliated in 2010, Cold Storage CrossFit is the most respected and longest established CrossFit gym in San Benito County. We offer a 6,300 sq.ft. facility with an array of diverse equipment to train with. We have both male & female Certified CrossFit trainers with over 15 years combined CrossFit experience with various levels of expertise specializing them in all of the CrossFit modalities. From our beginner friendly Intro Class to our above average coaching and programming, it is easy to see why Cold Storage CrossFit holds itself to a higher standard. Come see why Cold Storage CrossFit is the premier CrossFit facility in town. No other gym can compare with all that we offer. Try us out with a Free Week!

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Gym Location

Cold Storage CrossFit is located on the corner of Hwy 25 and Hillcrest Road (behind the big empty field on Hwy 25).

320 Hillcrest Rd. Suite 104, Hollister CA 95023

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What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program based on constantly varied, functional movements performed at a high intensity. At Cold Storage CrossFit our definition of CrossFit is not only a training method but a way of life. We are here to improve your quality of life by getting you more fit. Our workouts are scalable meaning that ANY fitness level can do some variation of the given workout. We start with the basics in order to have sound mechanics and technique while slowly and safely increasing the intensity as your body adjusts. The workouts are constantly varied (duration, loading, number of reps, etc) in order to continually see progress. Over time we re-test some of our previous workouts to check our progress.

You can expect to see basic gymnastics (push ups, sit up, squat, pull ups etc), barbell movements (deadlift, presses, squats, olympic lifts), kettlebells, medicine balls, running, rowers, sleds, jump rope and more. In CrossFit routine is the enemy. In all we want to live a long, functional life and this is a tool to help us get there.

Is this for me? One of the misconceptions of CrossFit is that you have to look “fit” to take part in the action. Nothing could be further from the truth. At Cold Storage CrossFit we accept people from all fitness abilities, genders and backgrounds. We will illustrate how CrossFit is great program for both the advanced athlete and the new person just taking that first brave step into their fitness journey.

CrossFit not only comes with a great workout program, it comes with a community and a lifestyle. Lifestyle fundamentals are key players in our health. You will be surrounded by people at Cold Storage CrossFit who are kind, like-minded, humble and supportive of you at all times.